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SB4 Media And Ann Taylor Alleged To Have Ended Their Relationship

Ann Taylor and husband

Ugandan media personalities AnnTaylorand SsebunyaRogersbetter known as SB4 Media have been reported to have parted ways. Their relationship that consisted of love, fan and romance has come to an end.

The allegation popped-in after SB4 Media assuring that he is now single through his social media handles. The end of Ann Taylor and SB4 Media’s relationship was not expected and it has surprised various online users.

However, SB4 Media is reported to have ended his relationship with Ann Taylor because she has failed to bless him with children. In other words, Ann Taylor has failed to get pregnant.

To clarify the above report, Ann Taylor assured that the doctor only told her to take de-worming tablets because she may be having a stomach problem. The confession pops up few weeks after Ann Taylor affirming to be pregnant.

Sb4 Media and Ann Taylor
Sb4 Media and Ann Taylor

“My Doctor just confirmed that Ann Taylor, you just need to take deworming tabs yet I thought I was pregnant,” Ann Taylor wrote. The two begun their relationship in 2019, then chose to settle and start a family after several heartbreaks. Therefore, SB4 Media might have decided to be single because Ann Taylor is never getting pregnant.

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