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Second Chances Are Not For Me; Alien Skin Responds To Bobi Wine’s Call For A Second Chance


The world of music, much like any other field, is rife with its share of controversies and feuds. Ugandan musician, Alien Skin, recently found himself in the center of one such dispute when former colleague and political activist Bobi Wine extended an olive branch, advocating for a second chance on behalf of the young artist.

This response by Alien Skin to Bobi Wine’s comments provides us with a unique perspective on personal growth and the complexities of navigating the music industry. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, better known as Bobi Wine, is not just a prominent musician but also a political figure in Uganda.

He has always been vocal about the struggles of the youth, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. This concern led him to make a surprising public plea on behalf of Alien Skin, a young artist from the Ghetto, who had faced a decline in public support due to his behavior.

Bobi Wine, in his characteristic style, called on the public to grant Alien Skin a second chance. He emphasized the importance of providing opportunities for young talents to redeem themselves and change their ways. It was a plea based on understanding and forgiveness, grounded in the belief that everyone deserves a chance at redemption and growth.

Singer turned politician, Bobi Wine
Singer turned politician, Bobi Wine

In a recent interview, Alien Skin offered an unanticipated response to Bobi Wine’s comments. He conveyed a stark message: He did not require Bobi Wine or anyone else to grant him a second chance. Instead, Alien Skin expressed a preference for such opportunities to be extended to fellow artists, Big Eye and Ronald Mayinja.

This response raised eyebrows and led to considerable debate within the Ugandan music community. It was perceived as a display of independence and self-assurance on Alien Skin’s part, asserting that he would pave his path to redemption without relying on the charity of others.

Alien Skin’s decision to redirect the second chance towards other artists, particularly Big Eye and Ronald Mayinja, reflects a commendable level of self-awareness and humility. He acknowledged the mistakes he might have made in his career and his personal life, but instead of seeking personal redemption, he chose to uplift those who may also be in need of support and opportunities.

The Ugandan music industry, like any other, is a highly competitive arena where every artist strives for recognition and success. By redirecting the focus toward his peers, Alien Skin demonstrated his commitment to the collective growth of the industry and the artists within it.

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