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Serena Bata Was Unambitious And Ill-Mannered; Abtex Explained Why He Couldn’t Work With Serena


Abbey Musinguzi alias Abtex, popularly known for staging major festivals and events explained why he parted ways with talented songster and song writer Serena Bata. Several people know that Serena Bata’s contract with Abtex Promotions came to an end because of smoking Shisha and performing at unpaid events, but it is beyond the mentioned.

Towards the end of 2022, Abtex promotions affirmed to have parted ways with the songster and she is available for grabs. In a document released by record label, it was affirmed that she will perform on all booked shows as well as festive concerts though she was caught smoking in public and performing at unpaid shows.


While speaking to the press, Abtex Promotions affirmed that he never wanted to speak about Serena Bata because he made losses during the time when the songster was at the record label.

He further explained that Serena Bata is unambitious and ill-mannered that is why he decided to end terminate her contract with immediate effect. The songster is mannered in public but in real life she isn’t.

“I was ambitious but Serena’s ambitions were too much different from mine, she was not dreaming big. I couldn’t continue managing Serena Bata despite all the cash I had invested in her because she isn’t patient, she is ill-mannered and has no respect,” Abtex affirmed.  


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