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Shakib Is Clocking 35 And There Isn’t Any Problem Dating Zari; Shakib’s Elder Sister Affirmed

shakib_cham_holding_zari_hassan (2)

A number of online users have been condemning the relationship between socialite Zari and his newly approved boyfriend Shakib. However, Shakib’s elder sister affirmed that Zari’s boyfriend is older and is the one following her.

While in an interview, the lady who called herself Zari’s sister-in-law assured the press that Zari’s new boyfriend is soon clocking 35 years. So, people should stop thinking for him because he has his own biological parents.


“I am Zari’s sister-in-law because Shakib is my brother and I am the eldest. Shakib is clocking 35 years and people should stop thinking for him because he has got biological parents,” Shakib’s elder sister disclosed.

She further revealed that Shakib is free to date Zari despite their age differences because the two have a bond.


“There isn’t any problem if Shakib is dating Zari. We are happy and our happiness isn’t because of Zari being celebrity but of the two finding the real love,” Shakib’s elder sister affirmed.


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