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Sheryl Gabriella Sets The Record Straight; Kabugi Is My Business Partner Not Romantic Partner


In the ever-evolving landscape of digital content creation in Kenya, Sheryl Gabriella, known by her birth name “Sheryl Cherono,” has emerged as a multi-talented force. Renowned for her creativity and versatility, Sheryl recently made headlines during the celebrations of her 23rd birthday when she introduced a new man into her life.

Amidst the speculation surrounding her relationship with 24-year-old Kenyan Digital Content Creator and Comedian, Kabugi, Sheryl took the opportunity to clarify their connection in a recent interview.

Dispelling the rumors and setting the record straight, Sheryl Gabriella firmly asserted that she has never been romantically involved with Kabugi. Contrary to the swirling speculations, she emphasized that their relationship is strictly professional, characterized by a dynamic partnership in the realm of business and content creation.

In her own words, Sheryl stated, “We have never dated, we have never been a couple; we’ve been business partners.”

Sheryl Gabriella and Kabugi
Sheryl Gabriella and Kabugi

Sheryl Gabriella and Kabugi have seamlessly collaborated on various digital projects, creating engaging and entertaining content that resonates with their audience. The dynamic duo has successfully navigated the creative landscape, leveraging each other’s strengths to produce content that captivates a wide audience.

It is not uncommon for creative partnerships to be misconstrued as romantic involvements, especially when two individuals share a strong professional rapport. Sheryl’s clarification sheds light on the importance of recognizing the diversity of relationships within the digital content creation sphere.

As public figures, Sheryl Gabriella and Kabugi are no strangers to public scrutiny and speculation about their personal lives. While fans and followers may be curious about the dynamics between these two talented individuals, Sheryl’s candid revelation underscores the significance of respecting boundaries and understanding the multifaceted nature of relationships in the public eye.

Sheryl’s focus on dispelling rumors and affirming their professional collaboration highlights the importance of maintaining a distinction between personal and professional spheres, fostering a healthy and supportive environment for collaboration in the digital content creation industry.

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