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Songster Jovial Frightened To Losing Her Secret Lover


Kenyan songster and song writer Jovial popularly known for her hit songs; Usiku Mmoja, Pita Nawe, Mi Amor featuring Marioo, Lala featuring Willy Paul among others, has found love but not ready to reveal who her lover is.


The songster is frightened to losing her lover once she unveils him to the public. According to her revelation on her timeline, the songster seems to be in a relationship full of Ts and Cs.

Jovial says at times she feels like posting her secret lover and let the whole world know who her boyfriend is, and how special he is in her life but such an attempt would let her loose her secret lover.


“Sometimes I just want to be my self and just post you, and let the whole world know how special you are to me, then I remember such an attempt will be the end of our journey. But my guy, just know you’re the real deal.” Jovial wrote.


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