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Songster Maureen Nantume Hints On Parental Care

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Gorgeous and talented songster Maureen Nantume better known for songs such as; Sweet Mutima, Talemwa, Nkuze, Malidadi among others hinted on how parents are supposed to take responsibility for proper upbringing of their children.

While in an interview, the songster advised parents to take part in caring and upbringing of their children because not everyone can take care of a child who isn’t theirs in a parental way.

“I advise every parent to take care of their children as a responsibility. Do not think that everyone can treat a child the same way a parent could,” Maureen Nantume said.

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As a mother, Maureen Nantume advised parents to give up on some issues so that a girl child can be protected. The songster questioned the reason as to why some parents would love their male relatives to spend a night in a room next to a girl child, she concluded that such incidents are inappropriate.

“It is parental responsibility that can fight and end some of the unwanted happenings on girl children. Why do you host your brother in a bedroom closer to your grown-up girl child?” Maureen Nantume questioned.


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