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Songstress Lillian Mbabazi Faces Eviction Despite Partial Rent Payment


In a surprising turn of events, celebrated Ugandan songstress Lillian Mbabazi has found herself at the center of a real estate dispute. Despite making a substantial payment towards her outstanding rent arrears, the songstress has been evicted from the residence she shared with her family. Reports indicate that Ms. Mbabazi managed to clear a significant portion of her debt to the landlord, yet eviction proceedings went forward.

The shocking revelation came to light through an official speech from Lillian Mbabazi’s legal representative during an interview. According to the lawyer, the songstress successfully remitted a total of Ugx 10 million, a substantial amount considering her initial debt of Ugx 26 million. This substantial partial payment demonstrates her commitment to resolving the matter amicably.

Lillian Mbabazi’s financial struggles have recently attracted significant attention, particularly in connection with her rental obligations. The online media has been abuzz with stories highlighting her difficulties in meeting her rent payments, which ultimately led to her eviction from her previous residence.

Lillian Mbabazi and the late Mowzey
Lillian Mbabazi and the late Mowzey

The situation had been ongoing for an extended period, with the songstress reportedly occupying the house for 18 months without fulfilling her financial obligations to her landlord. This predicament eventually pushed the property owner to seek legal recourse, involving the local authorities in an attempt to address the matter through proper legal channels.

Lillian Mbabazi, known for her melodious tunes and remarkable vocal prowess, has faced her fair share of challenges in recent years. She has been coping with the loss of her partner, the talented singer Mowzey Radio, who was also the father of her child. This personal tragedy has added a layer of complexity to her life, both emotionally and financially.

The eviction, while unfortunate, serves as a stark reminder that financial difficulties can impact individuals from all walks of life, even those in the public eye. The singer’s partial payment reflects her determination to settle her debts and maintain her integrity amidst challenging circumstances.

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