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Sophia Nantongo Accused Of Land Grabbing And Hatred

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Songster Sophia Nantongo popularly known for her songs Love super, Wansumulula, kankwagale among others is being accused of land grabbing and hatred by close family members. A woman who claims to be her mother says the songster slashed all banana plantations without inquiries.

“Sophia Nantongo brought soil for construction and slashed all banana plantations that were in the garden. Material wealth that she is fighting for are not meant to be hers,” Nantongo’s mother said.

This woman who is yet to be identified says she is the mother to Nantongo because after her mother’s death, she was the one Nantongo could refer to as mom traditionally.

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Sophia Nantongo was born in Kisubi a suburb in Kampala Metropolitan on October 1983. Both her parents Erias Bisegerwa and mother Sarah Bisegerwa passed away. According to her now living mother, the songster’s looks are not the reflection of her inner self because she is full of hatred.

“Apparently, I am her mother. Sophia Nantongo looks are humble but deep in her heart she is a terrible person full of hate. Nantongo is so much used of selling land that is why we are questioning ourselves. What happened to Sophia the famous songster that she is even selling her parental land?” Nantogo’s mother cried out.


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