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Spice Diana Takes A Step Back From Uganda National Musicians Federation


In a surprising turn of events, the Ugandan music industry witnessed the unexpected departure of renowned artist Spice Diana from the newly formed Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), under the leadership of Eddy Kenzo.

In a recent interview, Spice Diana confirmed her decision to temporarily quit the federation, citing personal reasons for her departure. Despite stepping back, she expressed support for the federation and its leaders, emphasizing that her decision was not motivated by any conflicts or disputes.

The Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF) was established with the primary goal of uniting and empowering musicians in the country. Spearheaded by the acclaimed singer Eddy Kenzo, the federation aimed to address various challenges faced by artists, including copyright issues, fair compensation, and representation on pertinent matters within the music industry. UNMF’s formation was met with enthusiasm, with numerous musicians joining in an effort to strengthen the collective voice of artists in Uganda.

In a candid interview, Spice Diana revealed that she had decided to take a break from her involvement in the Uganda National Musicians Federation. The talented songstress clarified that her departure was based on personal reasons and not due to any disagreements or disputes within the organization. Despite stepping back from UNMF, she asserted her unwavering support for the federation and its leadership, expressing her confidence in their ability to continue steering the organization toward its objectives.

songster Spice Diana
songster Spice Diana

Spice Diana’s statement underscores her commitment to the growth and development of the Ugandan music industry. By voicing her support for UNMF and its leaders, she demonstrated her faith in their capacity to make meaningful contributions to the welfare of musicians in the country. The decision to temporarily quit the federation highlights the artist’s integrity and respect for her fellow musicians, ensuring that her actions would not adversely affect the cohesion of the federation.

While Spice Diana remains tight-lipped about the exact nature of her personal reasons, it is evident that she is focusing on her personal growth and artistic endeavors during this period. As a prominent figure in the Ugandan music scene, Spice Diana’s journey to self-improvement and exploration of new artistic horizons could serve as an inspiration to other artists within the federation.

Spice Diana’s departure from UNMF serves as a reminder that artists, like any professionals, encounter personal challenges that may require time and attention. Her decision to take a step back without disrupting the organization sends a powerful message of unity and maturity within the Ugandan music fraternity. It demonstrates that despite individual differences and aspirations, artists can still work together harmoniously for the greater good of the industry.

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