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Coyote My Little Brother by Mitski

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“Mitski’s evocative musical landscape expands with her interpretation of ‘Coyote My Little Brother,’ a song that beckons listeners into a reflective journey about kinship, respect for nature, and a quest for understanding one’s place in the world. Mitski, known for her ability to convey profound emotions through her music, brings her unique sensibility to this piece, originally penned by folk musician Peter La Farge. Her cover adds a layer of modern complexity and a deep personal touch to the tune, evidencing her skill at reinterpreting songs with her distinct vocal and emotional depth.

This rendition of ‘Coyote My Little Brother’ adds to Mitski’s discography as an instance of her engaging with themes outside of her own songwriting. It showcases her versatility as an artist and the careful attention she pays to the heritage of the music she chooses to explore. The way Mitski harnesses the narrative of the coyote, a symbol often fraught with cultural and ecological significance, speaks to her broader engagement with issues of identity and belonging. Through her music, Mitski continues to challenge and comfort her audience, affirming her role as a transformative figure in the indie music scene.”

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