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Stop Crushing On Me, My Man Has Got All The Love; Akothee’s Warning To All Men

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Songster, businesswoman and the mother of two Esther Akoth well-known as Akothee is unhappy because both married and unmarried men are crushing on her and busy disturbing her peace.

The songster has assured some of them on her page that she is tired of blocking them. So, her humbly request to the men who have been crushing on her is to unfollow her because she is tired, and her brain doesn’t match any of the men crushing on her.

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“By the way unfollow now I am tired blocking you, just unfollow for your peace. Why are you stuck on a wall of a person who doesn’t match your brain? It’s you following me, I have no idea what you are following,” Akothee wrote.

Akothee affirmed that some men on her page became bitter when they released that Omosh her boyfriend had come into her life. she says Mr. Mosh is doing his best and showing the young men how a woman should be loved.

“Some men on this page are so bitter since Omosh appeared. So, you had hopes to be the next one? I love the fact that Mr. Omosh is showing young men how a woman should be loved,” Akothee wrote.  


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