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Talented Mowzey Radio Is Not A Music Legend; According To Eddy Sendi

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Renowned Ugandan media personality, music promoter and analyst Edward Sendi well-known as Eddy Sendi made a hilarious conclusion about the late Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo prominently known as Mowzey Radio.

According to Eddy Sendi, the late Mowzey Radio was a talented singer and a song writer but he is not worthy to be regarded as a music legend.

The late is amongst most of the Ugandan singers that are still being celebrated to date because of his genius art in the music industry to the extent of some calling him the Ugandan Michael Jackson.

Eddy Sendi affirmed that the late Mowzey Radio was indiscipline and charity never lived within him. Besides, the late never natured a number of people musically. In conclusion, Eddy Sendi affirmed that the late Mowzey Radio had a lot of unworthy behaviors as well as fights during his last days.

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“Mowzey Radio is not a music legend because he lacked some of the worthy qualities such as; discipline, charity as well as naturing others musically. Besides, his last five years had a lot of fights and unbecoming behaviors.” Eddy Sendi.

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