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Tanasha Donna Confidently Reveals Her Immediate Plans Of Moving Out Of Kenya To Another Promised Land

Tanasha Donna

Tanasha Donna, the popular Kenyan model, singer, and entrepreneur, has recently made headlines after revealing her plans to relocate herself and her family out of Kenya. In a social media post, Tanasha expressed her frustration with the current state of affairs in Kenya, describing the country as a “total mess.” She went on to state that she was actively making plans to leave the country, taking her family and belongings with her.

“I ain’t going to lie, this country is a total mess. I’m just trying to take my family and baggage,” Tanasha Donna wrote on her timeline.

Tanasha Donna, whose real name is Tanasha Donna Oketch, gained popularity in Kenya and beyond after her high-profile relationship with Tanzanian singer and songwriter Diamond Platnumz. The couple, who share a son named Naseeb Junior, ended their relationship with unclear reasons and chose to co-parent.

Diamond and Naseeb Jr
Diamond and Naseeb Jr

While Tanasha has not elaborated on the reasons for her decision to leave Kenya, her comments have sparked a heated debate among fans and the media. Some have speculated that her decision is related to the political and economic situation in the country, while others have suggested that personal reasons, such as her relationship with Diamond Platnumz, may be a factor.

Regardless of the reason, Tanasha’s announcement has highlighted a growing trend among Kenyans who are opting to leave the country in search of better opportunities and a better quality of life. Many Kenyans have become disillusioned with the state of affairs in their country, citing issues such as corruption, unemployment, and poor governance.

Tanasha and Diamond
Tanasha and Diamond

The decision to relocate, especially for someone as high-profile as Tanasha Donna, is not an easy one. Moving to a new country involves a lot of planning and preparation, and there are many challenges that come with starting afresh in a foreign land. However, for those who are determined to leave Kenya, the benefits of living in a stable and prosperous country may outweigh the risks.

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