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This Is Love; Presenter Ali Buys His Girlfriend Medina A New Ride

promoter_ali_with_medina (2)

Kenyan successful Youtuber, content creator and television host Muslim Ali better known as Presenter Ali spoils her long-time girlfriend Medina Makena with a new car.

“This one is for you baby,” Presenter Ali took to his pages as she presented the car to his girlfriend.

According to the successful content creator, he decided to buy and gift his girlfriend a brand-new ride in 2023 because he already knows her struggles and what she has been through.


It was a moment that his long-time girlfriend was not expecting and she seemed surprised when Presenter Ali officially handed over the new car and affirmed it being hers.

Presenter Ali’s girlfriend is well-known for being a makeup artist, makeup vlogger and social media personality.


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