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Tom Dee Opened Up About The Quality Of His Music Videos

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Ugandan TikToker, social media personality and promising singer well-known as Tom Dee hinted at the quality of his music videos while an interview as he pleaded with the media personality to play his music despite the quality.

Tom Dee is well-known for his hit songs; Sente Nerira, Tetwasoma, Wantama. His songs popularly trended through social media platforms as online users made several challenges on the songs.

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Despite the trend of his songs, Tom Dee says media houses should forget about the poor quality of his music videos and play them because that’s all he can afford. The singer promised to make better music videos when he gets enough money.

“The television stations should forget about the quality of my music videos that I have been releasing because I don’t have enough money. I promise to make better music videos in the future.

Tom Dee further affirmed to have spent three years in the music industry as he expressed his unending love to several people who welcomed him from the start of his career. The singer also said that the Wantama video shoot was an offer that was awarded to him. So, he shot it freely.


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