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Ugandan Man Who Has Been Making Men Go Gaga Arrested

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Yes, she was a man. Earlier today a man who is yet to be known has been arrested by the Uganda Police Force for disguising himself as a woman and exploiting men who made advances to him.

According to the Uganda Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, facts gathered indicate that the accused could visit happening places, clubs at night as a woman. He could engage fellow men in talks and romantic moments.

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The accused could mix drinks with drugs and these drugs could make one go unconscious for some time. The victims would later regain consciousness either at their homes, lodges or at the road side with their valuables missing.

The revelation came when the police officers stripped the man who looked like a woman through his dress cord and make-ups as witnessed in the photos trending on social media. The man has been making fellow men to go gaga.


While addressing the press, Enanga warned several men about bar-hoping flirty women who frequently appear at happening and entertainment places to purposely prey on men who are drunk and appear to be wealthy.

“Although our focus has been on protecting and warning girl victims against date rape and drugs put into drinks in order to incapacitate and sexually assault them, I use this opportunity to warn several men about flirty women who frequently appear at bars and entertainment places to purposely prey on men who are drunk and appear to be having money,” Enanga warned men.


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