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Ugandan-South African Socialite Zari Hassan To Marry Shakib Cham In Extravagant Ceremony


In a much-anticipated event, Zari Hassan, the 43-year-old Ugandan-South African socialite and businesswoman, has officially announced her wedding to 31-year-old boyfriend Shakib Cham. The couple has set their wedding date for 3rd October 2023, and their union promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

This exciting announcement comes after Shakib Cham’s private Nikkah Ceremony with Zari’s family on 16th April 2023, marking a significant step towards their marriage. The couple’s intentions were brought to public attention through their elegant wedding invitation card, which has been widely circulating on social media. The card reads, “Zari Hassan and Shakib Lutaaya cordially invite you to share in the joy and celebration of their wedding day on 3rd of October, 2023.”

Zari Hassan, a prominent figure in the African entertainment and business industry, has long been a subject of public interest. Known for her grace and sophistication, she has built an impressive reputation as an entrepreneur and a socialite. With a strong presence on social media, she has garnered a substantial following of admirers who have eagerly anticipated news of her romantic life.

Zari and Shakib trending wedding invitation
Zari and Shakib trending wedding invitation

Shakib Cham, a 31-year-old, has managed to capture Zari’s heart with his charm and ambition. His involvement in the private Nikkah Ceremony earlier this year signaled a deep commitment to their relationship, and the upcoming wedding is a testament to their love and connection.

The couple’s wedding is expected to be an extravagant affair, befitting their status and celebrity. South Africa, with its stunning landscapes and luxurious venues, provides the perfect backdrop for what is sure to be a memorable celebration. With a guest list that includes a mix of high-profile celebrities, business magnates, and close friends, the event is already generating significant buzz in both the social and entertainment circles.

Zari Hassan and Shakib Cham’s union symbolizes not only their love for each other but also the unity of their diverse backgrounds, Zari with her Ugandan and South African heritage, and Shakib Cham hailing from a different background. Their love story serves as an inspiration for couples who come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

As the countdown to their wedding day begins, fans and well-wishers can expect to see more updates and glimpses of the preparations leading up to the big day on their social media accounts. This union is not just a merging of two lives but also a celebration of love, diversity, and the enduring power of romance.

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