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Unveiling The Mysterious Connection; Hamisa Mobetto’s New Beau, Kevin Sowax


In a surprising turn of events, the enigmatic entrepreneur Kevin Sowax has stepped into the spotlight, making headlines as the new paramour of Tanzanian singer, actress, businesswoman, and socialite, Hamisa Mobetto. The revelation of their relationship has not only captured the attention of fans but has also uncovered an amusing twist, the fact that Kevin Sowax was blissfully unaware of Hamisa Mobetto’s celebrity status at the outset of their courtship.

During a press conference that ignited media curiosity, Kevin Sowax, whose real name is Kevin Ahyi-sena, unveiled aspects of his burgeoning romance with Hamisa Mobetto. Kevin, the CEO of Twinsk Company and Lemimozart restaurant, appeared candid as he admitted that he had been blissfully ignorant of Hamisa’s widespread fame.

“I must confess, I had no inkling about Hamisa’s prominent presence in the entertainment and business world when we first met,” Kevin revealed, wearing a charmingly sheepish smile. “It took me about three to four days to piece together that I was dating a renowned superstar.”

The revelation adds an element of authenticity to their story, highlighting a genuine connection that transcends superficial factors. Kevin Sowax’s admission serves as a refreshing reminder that genuine human interactions can sometimes be stripped of pretensions and societal expectations, allowing individuals to connect on a more personal level.

Hamisa Mobetto and her new boyfriend
Hamisa Mobetto and her new boyfriend

Hamisa Mobetto, known for her multifaceted career and captivating persona, had managed to keep her celebrity identity under wraps for the initial days of their relationship. It’s a testament to her desire for an authentic connection that goes beyond the glittering façade of fame.

As CEO of Twinsk Company, Kevin Sowax has garnered recognition for his prowess in the world of logistics. The company, strategically based in Hong Kong and Guangzhou in China, offers a comprehensive range of transport, sourcing, and production services. Twinsk Company’s influence extends beyond geographical boundaries, positioning Kevin as a visionary entrepreneur with a global outlook.

Adding to his impressive portfolio, Kevin Ahyi-sena is also at the helm of Lemimozart restaurant, further solidifying his entrepreneurial prowess and his commitment to excellence.

The revelation of Hamisa Mobetto’s relationship with Kevin Sowax marks the convergence of two dynamic individuals from diverse fields. Their story is a compelling reminder that love and connection can transcend disparities, and that genuine partnerships often arise unexpectedly.

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