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VJ Junior Hinted At Obstacles In His Film Career

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Renowned Ugandan movie translator Marysmarts Matovu Junior better known as VJ Junior hinted at various obstacles that he has faced in his film career. VJ Junior is prominently known for translating love, educative and inspirational movies from foreign languages to Luganda.

“I have struggled with international bodies who have tried to sue us using the copyright law. However, the Ugandan legal framework helped to interpret the copyright laws for us and I got to learn how to approach this job,” VJ Junior said.

VJ Junior affirmed that his film career wasn’t all that easy as some may think but he was grateful after one of his translated films dubbed Ina Morata sold out. All Ugandans had to buy screens to follow the series, he said.

“The film that put me on the scene was an opera called Ina Morata. It is one of the series that caused Ugandans to install screens in their shops so that they can follow the series even on the job,” VJ Junior said.

The reason behind movie translation is to make the concept in the movie clearly known or understood to netizens and citizens. VJ Junior chose to translate movies and currently he is regarded as one of the legendary VJ’s in Uganda.


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