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Whosoever Married My Daughter Is Blessed; Their Well-Trained; Emmanuel Lwasa Confessed

Emmanuel Lwasa

Emmanuel Lwasa, renowned Ugandan socialite and businessman is a happy father and glad to have trained his daughters to the required standard of being mothers and wives to any man.

While in an interview, Emmanuel Lwasa confessed that all men that have acquired his daughters are very lucky because they were well-trained. So, they definitely know what to do.

However, the renowned businessman further explained that he has broken up with several women on International Women’s Day celebration and that is why he decided not to celebrate the day but treat it as normal one.

According to Lwasa, back then his first woman left on International Women’s Day and never returned. Another woman went with friends on the same day and returned early in the morning full of excitement.

Lwasa Emmanuel
Lwasa Emmanuel

“In 2007, my first wife left on Women’s Day and Returned at noon after the celebration. I never asked her where about because some people had told me. The second one went with friends and happily returned in the morning. So, International Women’s Day is not a day to be celebrated by me,” Emmanuel Lwasa disclosed.

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