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Why Zuwena Featured Video Vixen Tattooed Diamond’s Face On Her Upper Arm 

Zuwena and Diamond

Tanzanian actress Recho Elias, the now popular video vixen after featuring in one of Diamond Platnumz’s latest single dubbed Zuwena, has decided to tattoo Diamond’s face on her upper arm.

Tanzanian renowned singer, Diamond platnumz made Zuwena became an icon in the entertainment field after featuring her in the above mentioned song. According to reports the now renowned Zuwena, was paid Tsh 17 million only [approximately USD 7,254] to appear and showcase her acting skills in the single that has now garnered over 16 million views on YouTube.

Zuwena who disclosed to be 18-years-old has gone ahead to cement Diamond’s face on her skin, a symbol that she was delighted and still thankful to have been given an opportunity to feature in Diamond Platnumz’s music video.

What will be Diamond’s response at Zuwena’s action?

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