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Winnie Nwagi Unhappy At Women Who Are Turning Down Proposals

Winnie Nwagi singing

Several photos and videos have been shared on social media and online showing different women or ladies turning down proposals from men. This is mainly because they must have gotten somebody else to love or the love, they shared with the man no longer exists.

Songstress and song writer Winnie Nakanwagi well-known as Winnie Nwagi, has expressed her feelings towards women who have continued turning down proposals from men.

Through her timeline, Winnie Nwagi affirmed that such random photos and videos that have been shared online has limited some men from reaching out to their loves because they fear to be turned down.

“I fear the fact that women are of late turning down proposals you are going to make these men hate proposals,” Winnie Nwagi wrote.

Winnie Nwangi
Winnie Nwangi

According to Winnie, she would never turn down a proposal from any man in public even if she has no love for him because men put a lot of effort before thinking of a proposal. She will rather play it cool and sort it out with the man later.

The songstress further cautioned women against turning down proposals, at least one should pretend to say a Yes then later solve it in private. Turning down proposals are making low esteem men not to propose to their loved ones.

“Okay, if you don’t like the guy like that, at least you can pretend and say a yes then break it down for him after leaving the place but that kind of embarrassment is not really nice. A guy out there with low esteem would never do it even if he loves his woman not after all these videos going around,” Winnie Nwagi wrote.

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