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World Marathon Record Holder Kelvin Kiptum And Coach Garvais Hakizimana Pass Away In Road Accident


In a heartbreaking turn of events, the world of athletics mourns the loss of Kelvin Kiptum, the esteemed world marathon record holder, and his revered coach, Garvais Hakizimana. The duo met an untimely demise in a tragic road accident along “Kaptagat road.” Their sudden departure has cast a somber shadow over the athletic community and beyond.

Kelvin Kiptum, a beacon of determination and resilience, captured the hearts of many with his unwavering spirit and unparalleled talent on the track. His journey to greatness was marked by perseverance and dedication, inspiring countless individuals across the globe.

During the illustrious Chicago Marathon, Kiptum’s tenacity and unwavering focus propelled him towards the pinnacle of success. With his eyes firmly fixed on the finish line, he surged ahead, clinching victory and etching his name in the annals of history as a world record holder. His remarkable achievements served as a testament to the power of relentless pursuit and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Tragically, Kiptum’s promising journey was cut short alongside his trusted mentor and coach, Garvais Hakizimana. The duo, bound by their shared passion for the sport, embarked on a journey of excellence that inspired those around them. Their partnership symbolized the epitome of teamwork, resilience, and mutual respect—a bond that transcended mere athletic endeavors.

Kelvin Keptum after winning the Chicago Marathon
Kelvin Keptum after winning the Chicago Marathon

The news of their passing has sent shockwaves throughout the global athletic community, leaving many grappling with profound grief and disbelief. As tributes pour in from far and wide, the legacy of Kelvin Kiptum and Garvais Hakizimana will endure as a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the transformative power of sport.

According to authorities, the tragic accident claimed the lives of Kiptum and Hakizimana on the spot. The solemn procession of their bodies to the Rececourse Hospital mortuary in Eldoret awaits the solemnity of autopsy, marking the beginning of a mournful chapter in the world of athletics.

In the wake of this profound loss, the athletic fraternity stands united in solidarity, offering solace and support to the families, friends, and admirers of Kelvin Kiptum and Garvais Hakizimana. Their legacy will forever linger as a guiding light, inspiring generations to come to reach for the stars and chase their dreams with unwavering resolve.

As we bid farewell to these extraordinary souls, let us honor their memory by continuing to strive for excellence, embodying the same passion, determination, and resilience that defined their remarkable journey. In the face of adversity, may we draw strength from their enduring legacy and forge ahead, carrying their indomitable spirit within our hearts.

In loving memory of Kelvin Kiptum and Garvais Hakizimana, may their souls find eternal peace, and their legacy continue to inspire greatness for generations to come.

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