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Ykee Benda Reveals The Divide; Why UMA Struggles To Unite With UNMF


In a recent live television interview, renowned Ugandan singer and songwriter Ykee Benda offered insightful perspectives on the challenges faced by the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) in their efforts to unite with the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF). The conversation delved into the underlying reasons for the apparent divide between these two influential entities within Uganda’s music industry.

UMA, led by the talented artiste Cindy Sanyu, has been striving to unite the diverse array of musicians operating within Uganda. However, according to Ykee Benda, their attempts have been thwarted by internal divisions and self-interests among the association’s leadership.

During the interview, Ykee Benda articulated his concerns, stating, “The primary reason UMA struggles to unite artists is the presence of personal interests and ambitions among the association’s leadership. This has made it challenging to rally artists behind a common cause.”

Ykee Benda’s statements highlight the pressing issue of diverging interests within UMA, which often overshadow the broader goal of promoting the welfare and interests of Ugandan musicians as a whole. The artist’s candid revelation adds weight to the notion that UMA may need to undergo some structural and leadership adjustments to create a more cohesive and unified front for the country’s music community.

Ykee Benda during an interview
Ykee Benda during an interview

On the other hand, the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), under the stewardship of singer Eddy Kenzo, appears to have achieved a degree of unity among its members. According to Ykee Benda, UNMF’s relative success in this regard is due to their ability to foster a collective identity and a shared purpose among Ugandan musicians.

Benda elaborated on this point, saying, “UNMF seems to have a different approach. They have managed to unite artists around a common cause, transcending personal interests. This unity is largely due to Eddy Kenzo’s leadership and his ability to inspire and motivate fellow musicians.”

Eddy Kenzo’s leadership style, characterized by his emphasis on collaboration, shared goals, and the betterment of the entire music industry, has resulted in UNMF’s increasing success in uniting artists. The organization’s ability to rally its members behind a common vision speaks to the potential effectiveness of such an approach within Uganda’s music community.

Ykee Benda’s insights shed light on the internal dynamics and challenges that UMA faces, offering an opportunity for reflection within the organization. It is a wake-up call for UMA to reconsider its leadership and priorities to create a more cohesive and united front that can better serve the interests of Ugandan musicians.

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