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You’re God Sent; Rev. Lucy Natasha Vows To Support Her Husband Always.

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Prophet Stanley Carmel who is the husband to Reverend Lucy Natasha celebrates his birthday today. Rev. Lucy Natasha is a Kenyan pastor, motivational speaker, author, founder and overseer of Prophetic Latter Glory Ministries.

Through her pages, Reverend Lucy Natasha has continued to thank her husband for all the differences he brought in her life. The Reverend vowed to love and support her husband forever.


“I will support you with my life. Happy birthday my king. He is a good man, I am blessed really,” Rev. Lucy Natasha wrote.

The Reverend further thanked God for blessing her with Prophet Stanley Carmel, a man full of goodness, kindness, warmth, humility, peace and pure golden heart.

“You are full of goodness, kindness, warmth, humility, love, compassion, generosity and peace. Your heart is pure gold, you’re extremely rare. A man god has used to amplify and strengthen my ministry. A man sent from God,” Rev. Lucy Natasha wrote.


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