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Zari Happy In Her New Relationship And Gaining Weight


Ugandan socialite and business woman Zari Hassan better known as Zari claps back at critics who have been criticizing her relationship with bae Shakib Cham also known as Lutaaya

In the video that has paved its way online, the socialite disclosed that she is having a happy relationship and gaining weight these days because she is having peace of mind and never set to let her bae go.

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Zari Hassan advised all those who have tried bewitching or trying to let her down to go and seek for refund from wherever they have practicing witchcraft from. In the video, the socialite further praised her bae and informed him never to end his love.

“I am gaining weight and my chicks are fleshy. I am having peace of mind that’s why I have continued growing fat. My hubby Lutaaya, whatever you have done has worked for me. So, never stop doing it. I am still happy so all those who have tempted to bewitch should go and seek for a refund,” Zari said.

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