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Zari Hassan Confessed Shakib Lutaaya Being The Only Man To Have Officially Put A Ring On It

Zari and shakib

Ugandan socialite and entrepreneur, Zari Hassan, is making headlines after her surprise confession about her love life. Speaking in an interview, she revealed that her current husband, Shakib Cham Lutaaya, is the only man who has ever put a ring on her finger.

Zari, who has been in several high-profile relationships, including with the late wealthy Ivan Ssemwaga and Tanzanian music sensation, Diamond Platnumz, explained that although she had been involved in serious relationships before, none of them had ever resulted in marriage. She went on to describe her previous partners as “jokers,” indicating that they had not taken their relationships seriously enough to make a lifelong commitment.

According to Zari, all of her previous relationships had ended at a traditional introduction ceremony, which is a customary Ugandan practice where a man introduces his fiancé to his family and seeks their approval. However, none of these relationships had progressed to a formal wedding, which would have involved exchanging vows and rings.

Zari’s revelation that she had never been officially married before has come as a surprise to many of her fans, who had assumed that she had tied the knot with at least one of her previous partners. However, the socialite and entrepreneur seemed unfazed by the revelation, stating that she was happy to have finally found a man who was willing to make a lifelong commitment to her.

Zari and Shakib wedding
Zari and Shakib wedding

Lutaaya and Zari are reported to have met in 2019 and began dating. Shortly afterward, they got engaged in 2020. Not so long, they finalized their Nikah, the religious ceremony required by Islamic law to unite a Muslim man and woman in holy matrimony.

Zari and Shakib’s wedding was a private affair attended only by close family and friends, but videos and photos of the couple in their wedding attire were later shared on social media, causing a stir among fans and followers.

Zari, who is known for her glamorous lifestyle and impeccable fashion sense, has been an influential figure in the East African entertainment industry for many years. Her confession about never having been officially married before has only served to increase her popularity among her fans, who admire her honesty and candor.

As for her relationship with Shakib, it seems to be going strong, with the couple frequently sharing loved-up photos and videos on social media. With the socialite and entrepreneur finally finding the love and commitment she deserves, it looks like her joker days are well and truly behind her.

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