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Zari’s Boyfriend Once Loved Nalule Shakira But It All Ended; Shakib’s Sister Clarified.

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There has been a lot around the relationship of Shakib Cham and Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan. Despite Shakib’s age, Zari identified him as the only young man who could fulfill her desires.

Apparently, the two share happy moments together. The relationship of Zari and Shakib has been receiving online criticism to the extent of some advising Shakib to quit the relationship.

Before Shakib Cham meeting Zari, he is reported to have been in love with a girl identified as Nalule Shakira and the two were happily together. Other online sources affirm that the two were married as husband and wife but the cause of their breakup is yet to be known.

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Shakib Cham is alleged to have denied Nalule Shakira divorce yet she desires to move on as well. According to Shakib’s elder sister, the two were lovers in the past but their relationship ended. So, Nalule Shakira should leave her brother [Shakib] alone in his own peace.

“Yes, Shakib and Shakira Nalule were once lovers in the past but he moved on. Shakira Nalule is married as well and has got two children. So, let her be in her marriage and leave my brother alone.” Shakib’s elder sister affirmed.

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