How To Upload Music To Mp3 Hits Cloud

How To Upload Music To Mp3 Hits Cloud

Adding music to mp3 hits cloud is a really simple process. Simply Sign up and follow the steps as instructed in the video below or send us your music to:

Email: or WhatsApp: +1 (252) 285-3188

NOTE: (Ensure you include your song in mp3 format and song cover as well)

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Upload Your Music. Signing Up Is Free

Join our community of music producers and lovers for free. Thousands of fans are waiting to listen to your great music online.
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Why Sign Up On Mp3 Hits Cloud?

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Easy Sign up. It is free to join

Our website is free to join. You don’t need to purchase a subscription. You simply sign up and setup your profile and add your music


We are growing

Our website gets 1000s of visitors who are music lovers each week. Not only does this favor you as a musician, you also get to build a loyal fan base for your music on our website



With Mp3 Hits Cloud, you’re able to monetize and insert promotional links to your premium hits for your fans to buy directly from our website. Ain’t that cool!


Online Streaming

Not only are you able to download your favourite jams from our website, you’re also able to stream directly with our music app by creating your own music playlists