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John Katumba Hinted At His Return To The Music Industry


John Katumba, who became known as the youngest ever presidential candidate in Uganda hinted at his return in the music industry. Katumba who is also referred to as Katumba Oyee, came known into the music industry after the release of his song titled Katumba Oyee featuring Dj Crim.

While in an interview, Katumba Oyee assured the interviewer that several people including his friends, fans and music lovers have been calling him questioning why he quit music yet he was on a good start.

The former presidential candidate assures citizens that he is making a quick comeback soon. He further expressed his concern of how upcoming or growing talent is handled in the music industry.

John Katumba believes that when the existing musicians in the entertainment industry show massive support to upcoming talents, everybody could end up a winner. So, he cautioned musicians to be supportive to fellow musicians.


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