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Lady Titi’s Suggestion On Domestic Violence In Marriage


Songster and song writer Lady Titi popularly known for her hit songs; Nsonyiwa Faza, Wummula, Kiwedde, and many more hinted on continued domestic violence in marriage or relationships.

The renown Ugandan songster has ever been a victim of domestic violence, and she affirmed that she called her friend various times whenever she felt violated but nothing changed. She one day decided to leave her marriage without informing her friend and never returned though her husband thought she was joking.


While speaking to Anna Talia Oze in an interview, the songster affirmed that there is always one person who is violated and it is that person who experiences the pain. Friends will always caution you to endure yet they are having a better marriage of no violence.

“When you are involved in domestic violence, you are the one who experiences the pain not the women who keep telling you to endure. Sometimes the one telling you to endure is having a great marriage,” Lady Titi revealed.

Lady Titi further advised people to always appreciate those who truly love, care and treats them right because several people are struggling in marriage and relationships.


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