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Lil Wayne Sued For Wrongful Career Termination; He Has To Pay $500K If Proven Guilty

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American rapper and song writer Dwayne Michael Carter better known as Lil Wayne or Weezy has been sued by his personal Head Chef identified as Morghan Medlock. The rapper’s personal Head Chef accuses him of wrongful career termination.

Morghan Medlock claims that Lil Wayne immediately without stopping to think about anything ended her career after she ditched him in Vegas to deal with a pressing family emergency.

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Morghan Medlock further narrated that she received a call while they were in Vegas that her 10-year-old son had head injuries and had been hospitalized. She requested to leave but Weezy and his team were delaying her flight. So, she swung into action.

On her return, her career had been cancelled by Lil Wayne. Morghan Medlock is now suing him for violating CA Law. Morghan was fired because she missed work to care for her injured child and wants at least $500k for the injustice.


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