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Sheilah Gashumba Continues To Support Rickman Manrick

rickman_manrick_and_sheila_gashumba (2)

Uganda media personality, Television and event host Sheilah Gashumba the self-proclaimed Lil Stunner continued to express her support towards her alleged boyfriend singer Derrick Ddungu better known as Rickman Manrick.

Rickman Manrick is popularly known for his hit songs; Naki, Bango, Enjoyment, Ayizulu, Hangover and many more others. Over the weekend the prominent television host attended an event dubbed Blankets and Wine.

rickman_manrick_and_sheila_gashumba (1)

The Bango hit-maker later stepped onto the stage for an energetic performance. As he concluded his performance, Sheilah Gashumba joined the singer and the two danced together.

This symbolized that Sheilah Gashumba is part of Rickman Manrick’s musical journey and will always show support whenever present. Lil Stunner left the stage and shirtless Rickman Manrick continued with his performance.

“I love the fact that she always supports her boyfriend,” social media user commented. Though it hasn’t been made clear, Sheilah Gashumba is alleged to be having cozy moments with singer Rickman Manrick.


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