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Why Was Ramon Abbas Sentenced To 11 Years In The United States?

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Nigerian former Instagram influencer Ramon Abbas also known as Hushpuppi, Hush or Ray was arrested early this week in the United States to 11 years.

According to social media reports, Ramon Abbas was accused of being an international fraudster, and that is the way he was leading his life.

The Instagram influencer was described by the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] as the world most prolific money launderers, and he was involved in this activity for many years now.

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Ramon Abbas rose to fame when he began to flaunt his wealthy lifestyle on his Instagram account which later welcomed over 2.5 million followers, and has been since de-activated.

The notorious Nigerian Cyber Fraudster was charged with an extensive fraudulent and money laundering scheme that robbed various people off their money in the US, Qatar, United Kingdom and many others.

Before Judge Oris Wright could sentence Ramon Abbas. The Instagram influencer wrote a letter to the court revealing his source of wealth, his final apology to family members for bring shame amidst them and he also commended the FBI for bringing him to justice.  


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